About Us

About us

CliniPower is proud of the fact that our existing process has been recognised as meeting the highest current environmental standards and that our permit is one of the most extensive in the region.

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Our History

The founders of CliniPower started development on a waste to energy technology which was modular in concept and economic at small scale.

A full-scale prototype plant was built at the Finham Sewage Treatment Works of Severn Trent Water

Work began on the first commercial plant at the site of a waste transfer station owned by Bristol City Council at Avonmouth in Bristol. A lease was granted by Bristol City Council, and the necessary planning permission and local air pollution control authorisation was obtained. Construction started in early 2000. The plan was completed in April 2001 and a commissioning programme was undertaken which included processing MSW supplied by Bristol City Council.

The EA granted an IPPC permit for the Avonmouth plant, to process a much wider range of wastes. At this stage the plant was handed over to the operational team and the first commercial revenues from the plant were generated.

The company declared the Avonmouth plant commercially operational from the beginning of 2002, and since then, except for a period between 2011 to 2013 it has largely been processing clinical and other special wastes. However the plant has also been used to demonstrate the performance of the technology on a very wide range of industrial and other wastes and biomass fuels to potential customers, strategic partners and other interested parties.

Ban commercially on clinical and high value wastes for 7 years and proved its efficiency across a wide range of waste streams.

Environmental Agency Annual Report “Cleaner Air for Everybody” commented that “the measured emissions levels are by far the lowest that I have encountered in 12 years of regulating thermal waste processes”.

In 2017 the company has seen a huge investment in both the existing plant and put plans into place to utilise new, cutting edge technologies for the treatment of wastes.

Clinipower has now added a new alternative treatment process to the Avonmouth plant, enabling us to treat an even wider range of waste more cost effectively, adhering to the TEEP philosophy (Technically, Environmentally and Economically Practicable). The HDU is powered completely from the pyrolysis plant and is designed for the treatment and sterilisation of predominantly orange bag healthcare waste.