Hazardous Waste ID

CliniPower are experts in the treatment and disposal of all types of hazardous waste. Our extensive permit means there are very few types of hazardous waste that we can’t process in house, and even if we can’t deal with a particular waste, we will be able to find an outlet for you via our wide-ranging industry network.

We have a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to draw on at CliniPower, enabling us to provide services tailored to you company requirement. We take the headache out of dealing with hazardous waste giving you complete peace of mind, so you can concentrate on you core business.

This particular service is ideal for Laboratory wastes and large chemical clearances where you may not have your own qualified staff that can provide a list of the hazardous waste materials. Our fully qualified chemist and DGSA will visit your site to help identify each waste and create a comprehensive list of all items for disposal. CliniPower will then supply the relevant UN-approved containers along with the correct labelling for each waste type.

Once all the materials for disposal are correctly identified and packaged, we will then provide a fully ADR qualified driver in an appropriate vehicle to lead and transport your waste safely to our facility for final treatment and disposal.

Our processes are fully auditable and traceable at every stage and we will provide a full breakdown of the materials disposed of and complete all the associated paperwork.

Dealing with your waste without compromises.