Health & Safety

Health, Safety & Quality

CliniPower invests a great deal of time ensuring the health and safety of its employees and clients delivering waste into the site. We have an IMS system operating to ISO standards which we continually audit and make improvements to, enabling us to capture all the information required to ensure safe operation of our site. There is a full commitment from the directors down through the management team who are actively driving, monitoring and reviewing Safety standards against our company strategy, H & S objectives & targets.
We ensure compliance with all relevant legal duties in respect of health & safety at work legislation CliniPower is committed to planning, controlling and monitoring activities in such a way that they do not cause harm to our colleagues, contractors, visitors or the public.

Our process allows for a more controlled processing of waste and biomass than conventional incineration. Pollutants normally associated with incineration are either destroyed or not produced. This means the CliniPower plant can meet the most exacting environmental standards with a fraction of the ‘clean-up’ equipment required by conventional facilities.