CliniPower’s plant at Avonmouth has revived and refined the processes of Pyrolysis and gasification to create a state of the art method for waste processing and renewable energy meeting the highest current environmental standards.
Our process is based on advances by the 18th Century engineer William Murdoch, who discovered the method of turning coal to coke and then to gas – thus inventing one of the main sources of heat, light and power for the industrial revolution and beyond.

The combined effect of pyrolysis, gasification, high temperature oxidation and advanced NOx and acid gas abatement minimises pollution to extremely low levels.

The system has been recognised as constituting the Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO) for the thermal destruction of waste. The
design also meets the more general objective of promoting the best environmental options for waste disposal.

The founders of CliniPower developed an advanced thermal conversion technology for a wide range of wastes and non-fossil fuels using pyrolysis, optional gasifcation and high temperature oxidation. The process allows for a more controlled processing of waste and biomass than conventional incineration.

Pollutants normally associated with incineration are either destroyed or not produced. This means the CliniPower plant can meet the exacting environmental standards with a fraction of the ‘clean-up’ equipment required by conventional facilities. The result is that a thermal treatment solution for a wide-range of wastes is now available at small scale and is one that also meets the most stringent environmental standards.

CliniPower plants are designed as closed systems in which all materials are converted into simple gases and used to fuel conventional steam power cycle. Our facilities are designed for multiple waste streams and fuels, and as a modular system, this innovative approach  can be adapted for any situation or material.

Dealing with your waste without compromises.