Alternative Treatment


CliniPower’s sterilisation plant, which began operation in Autumn 2018, gives our clients another option for the safe, sustainable treatment of certain types of waste, traditionally sent to landfill.

Our alternative plant utilises a dry sterilisation technology with a pre process shredding system which not only completely sterilises the waste material, but renders it suitable for use as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) – a zero to landfill solution.

This type of treatment has been in use for orange bag type clinical waste for a number of years, but thanks to the way our plant is powered from our pyrolysis system, CliniPower will soon be able to offer a zero landfill solution for offensive waste via the new plant, rather than putting this waste stream through the pyrolysis process.

Some examples of clinical waste that can be treated by sterilisation are; soiled dressings and garments, wipes, other general infectious waste that belongs in an orange lidded clinical waste bin.

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